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VA Protonic Wisdom - Enjoy this top selection of music picked and created specially for this compilation by Vectro - With tracks and remixes by Azax, Terranoise , Space Jam and the best of Protonic Records artists -  Delivering a wide spectrum of psychedelic Trance music for the peak times and bringing loads of  psychedelic power to the dancefloor with music to remember in each and every track .

We also collaborated with Public Beta Wear for original cover art and Limited Edition shirts Available Worldwide
Enjoy the music


Behold the mechanic genius of Gena Gritzik aka Brokenblender.
For many years he has been looking for his own sound while expressing his production in Downtempo, Glitch, Breakcore, Dubstep, Drum&bass and Psytrance until he has blended it all, broke it, cut it and then built it together in his own unique BrokenBlender style and brought us this electronic masterpiece .

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